Klein 'Jazzy Cat' Pickup Set

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Klein Electric Guitar Pickups - The World Leader in Authentic Vintage Reproductions

Klein Jazzy Cat Pickups

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  • Klein Jazzy Cat Pickups
  • Klein Jazzy Cat Pickups
  • Klein Jazzy Cat Pickups
  • Klein Jazzy Cat Pickups


Klein Pickups are not just another 'hand-wound' pickup. They are exact clones of real vintage pickups, reverse engineered and reproduced down to the finest detail.
Klein have analysed magnetic material and strength, wire, parts and original specifications, along with using the original winding technique specific to each pickup.
When you buy a set of Klein pickups, you are getting as close as possible to actually buying a vintage set of pickups, at a fraction of the price that those original pickups would demand.

Klein Jazzy Cat Set - The closest that one can get to Euphoria in tone.

The coveted tone of the 'Black One'  (google it folks). Klein have spent countless hours researching, and obtaining all the information necessary to build a set of pickups that gets this tone. They went through several dozen test sets in the development, fine tuning each to get as close as possible, and also had to order and stock special magnets for this set.  The neck pickup has a very unique stagger while the middle & bridge have the same stagger, which are different from the traditional vintage stagger.

These pickups are lower in output (but not low output), providing that scooped mid range tone. Very clean, while still full in the low end, providing that extreme crystal clean quack... a signature characteristic of this set.  The set features Hand Beveled Magnets, wax potting & is RWRP middle position.

These pickups also put your guitar in the tonal range for killer Hendrix and SRV tones, plus Jazzy Cats are also great for playing some smokehouse blues.

Specs:  Not Published, so please don't ask for them.

No one in the market today has pickups that achieve this tone.  We are proud to say that we are the First.

Bevelled Edge Magnets. Mountings Screws and Springs included.

Jazzy Cat Sound Clips

Neck Pickup  - Plexi w/Reverb
Bridge-Middle Pickups  - Plexi w/Reverb
Neck-Middle Pickups  - Plexi w/Reverb

Sound Clip 1
Sound Clip 2
Sound Clip 3  (Overdrive, Bridge)
Sound Clip 4
Sound Clip 5

Assorted Sound Clips - Jazzy Cats
Sound Clip 1          Sound Clip 8
Sound Clip 2          Sound Clip 9
Sound Clip 3          Sound Clip 10
Sound Clip 4          Sound Clip 11
Sound Clip 5          Sound Clip 12
Sound Clip 6          Sound Clip 13
Sound Clip 7          Sound Clip 14

All Pickups are hand scatter wound for the best tonal response!

About Klein Pickups:

Klein Pickups is a Full Time Guitar Pickup Manufacturing Facility which builds the best vintage hand wound custom guitar pickups.  Years of research and development have been invested in the development of each of our hand wound pickups.  An intricate process of scatter winding (from the 50s & 60s) and high quality self manufactured parts guarantees a brilliant, vibrant, and authentic tone from each of our pickups.  If you are looking to upgrade stock pickups, going vintage, or just looking for a completely unique tone, Klein Pickups has what you are looking for. All of our pickup sets come balanced to complement each position on the guitar.

Additional Information

Product Code: PKP-0751
Brand : Klein Pickups